ACRON Autumn '22 meeting in Utrecht

On 1 November, ACRON (Association for Contract Research Organisations in the Netherlands) organised their Autumn 2022 meeting.

We spent an interesting afternoon exchanging views on ‘Digitisation in health care’ and how this development is influencing the clinical research field.

Insights from CEL-02 presented at ETEV 2022

On Saturday 22nd at EuroThrombosis & EuroVessels 2022 in Lisbon, Dr. Sem A.O.F. Rikken presented:

'Zalunfiban (RUC-4) and Pre-procedural Patency of the Infarct-related Artery in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction; insights from the Phase IIa study. Oral Abstract No 53, Cardiovascular Research 2022 Volume 118, Supplement 2, 22 Oct 2022.'

How clinical trials support digital health acceptance

Using ICT to improve outcomes in patients, digital health (eHealth in short) makes health care more effective, affordable and more manageable.

As a research organisation, we’re working to get eHealth widely recognised by clearly demonstrating its added value through clinical trials and studies.

ESC Congress 2022 in Barcelona

It’s been an inspiring couple of days, participating in ESC 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

At the world’s largest gathering of cardiovascular professionals, we were treated to an outstanding program revealing the hottest science in cardiovascular medicine.

Doctoral degree G.E. Cramer

Dr. G.E. Cramer has defended his PhD thesis ‘Versatile Aspects of Cardiac Troponin Assessment: Innovative Clinical Settings, Coronary Sinus Sampling, and Qualitative Analyses’ on 20th May 2022 at the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

To mark this glorious milestone, we briefly caught up with Etienne about his research.

How IIS Are Improving Outcomes in Heart Patients

Interview with Prof. dr. Elvin Kedhi MD, PhD (interventional cardiologist) | We reached out to some of our favourite investigators to discuss the importance of investigator initiated studies, the common obstacles and latest developments.

Meet our new colleague Marta

We’re pleased to announce the joining of Marta Lantero Rodriguez to our team at Diagram Research.

As Project Manager, Marta is responsible for the coordination of our single centre and multi-centre trials. She’ll support you by creating project plans that incorporates your wishes, complies with the relevant legislation and regulations and stays within budget and timeline.

How eHealth is improving health care

Patients being monitored remotely, sensors and smartphones transmitting data via Bluetooth, Artificial Intelligence analysing ECGs and providing risk assessments: eHealth is the future.

But what does that mean? Are machines taking over healthcare? Do patients never have to visit the hospital again? And what happens to our data that’s being collected, is it safe?