On 1st November, ACRON (Association for Contract Research Organisations in the Netherlands) organised their Autumn 2022 meeting.

We spent an interesting afternoon exchanging views on ‘Digitisation in health care’ and how this development is influencing the clinical research field.

Topics included:

  • the need for modern endpoints (that reduce burden to patients, increase trial participation and measure effects more effectively) for value-driven trials;
  • the need to validate new endpoints (wearables for data collection);
  • decentralised trials.

Our thoughts

Everyone is experimenting with eHealth, but the added value has not yet been clearly established. As a research organisation, we want to play a role in this; we want to facilitate studies to demonstrate this added value and to further optimise the entire process.

Because when a clinical study proves efficiency or sustainability of novel digital tools, we can improve care for patients, and that’s exactly what clinical research is all about.

Read more about our eHealth projects here.

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Linda van den Brink and Marta Lantero Rodriguez