This is how we support your clinical trial execution

Our CRO offers tailor-made clinical trial services to support your cardiovascular trials and studies from A to Z:

  • from formulating your research question and writing your clinical trial protocol;
  • to monitoring your patients and managing their data safely;
  • till translating statistics into clear results ready to be presented to the scientific community at international conferences and published in leading medical publications.

Overview of all our clinical trial services we offer:

Cardiovascular Research Clinical Trial Services by Diagram

Our cardiovascular clinical trial services by phase

Clinical research is typically conducted in three different stages; from formulating your research question and designing your protocol in the start-up phase, to conducting the clinical trial during the execution phase, till analysing and formulating your findings, and publishing the trial results to the community in the closing phase.

We offer clinical operations services throughout all three phases:

1. Start-up phase; from research question and protocol design to trial registration

During the start-up phase, we get your cardiovascular trial ready to the point you can start including patients.

From preparing contracts, designing your protocol and developing eCRFs, till handling submissions and registration; our clinical operations team supports you every step of the way.

Click below for more information on our clinical trial services during the start-up phase:

Clinical Trial Services Research QuestionResearch question

Cardiovascular Research Trial Service Contract and FundingContract and funding

Trial Services Project managementClinical operations

Trial Service ProtocolTrial protocol / CIP development

Trial Service Informed ConsentInformed consent

Trial Service IRB/CAIRB/CA

Trial Service DatabaseDatabase (eCRF)

Clinical trail service trial registrationTrial registration

2. Execution phase

When your cardiology clinical trial is set up, with all paperwork submitted and approved, you’re ready to start including patients.

To help you with the execution of your clinical trial, we perform site initiation visits where education and engagement are key. We ensure everybody stays informed and up to date, we monitor study enrollment and participation and manage your time schedule and trial budget. We monitor patients, while keeping their data safe and confidential. The execution phase ends with the last visit of your last participating patient.

Click below for more information about our clinical trial services during this phase.

Trial Services Project managementClinical operations

Clinical trail services Clinical MonitoringClinical monitoring

Clinical trial services safety reportingSafety reporting

Clinical trial services corelabImaging Corelab

Clinical trial services data managementData management

3. Closing phase

When the last patients finished their last visits, your clinical trial moves into the third phase: the closing phase.

Our clinical trial services during this phase focus on analysing your trial data and translating them into clear results, ready to be presented at international medical conferences and to be published in leading medical journals.

clinical trial management  Project managementClinical operations

Clinical trial services data managementData management

clinical trial management Statistics reportingStatistics and reporting

clinical trial management medical writingMedical writing

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