During the start-up phase, we get your cardiovascular trial ready to the point you can start including patients.

From preparing contracts, designing your trial protocol and developing eCRFs, till handling submissions and registration; our clinical operations team supports you every step of the way.

So how can we help you during this initial stage?

Research question

Clinical Trial Services Research QuestionResearch question

The aim of every trial is to answer the Research question. We advise and support you in formulating the perfect Research Question that will result in a successful trial and noteworthy publications. 

Using the respected PICO method, we’ve defined research questions for hundreds of cardiology trials across 25 countries in Europe and Asia. 

Sonja Postma, Project manager Diagram Research, explains: ”the Research question is the foundation of each trial. Start with a weak one and you won’t build a great trial.

The PICO method allows us to be laser-focused: it flags potential issues early in the process and allows us to adjust before starting. For example by answering questions like ‘how realistic is our Outcome with the current Population?’.

A strong Research question makes clinical trial design and execution extremely effective and efficient.”

Need support formulating your research questions?

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Informed consent

IRB / CA (Institutional Review Board and Competent Authority)

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