Our Imaging Corelab, also known as Imaging Core Laboratory or Core Lab, is one of our key pillars to contribute to better and improved treatments for heart patients. This specialised facility provides imaging services and expertise to support the evaluation and analysis of medical images in a standardised manner.

Our Imaging Corelab Services

Do you have imaging data that needs to be evaluated in a standardised and reliable manner?

Explore our advanced Corelab services, we offer numerous affordable techniques to analyse your medical image information.

ECG analysis

ECG analysis

Analysis of electocardiograms (ECGs) by an independent Core Laboratory is critical to ensure high-quality data in your clinical trial.

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At our Imaging Corelab, we carry out all ECG analyses following our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Because of this, we can guarantee objectivity and reproducibility in the assessment of twelve ECG derivatives. Particularly the degree of success of reperfusion can be stipulated reliably by combining QCA and quantitative ECG analyses.

Quantitative ECG analysis

We quantitatively analyse ECGs on rhythm, conductance and repolarisation. Of course here, by derivation, all fragments and the dynamics of depolarisation and repolarisation are measured. The variables will be defined in the eCRF for each trial.

CAG analysis

IVUS analysis

OCT analysis

NIRS analysis

Cardiac MRI analysis

Holter analysis

CT analysis

Intravascular hemodynamic assessment

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