Contract Research Organisation (CRO)

We're a Contract Research Organisation specialised in tailored cardiovascular research.

With 25 years of scientific research experience, we’ve conducted more than 250 world-class cardiology trials including trials performed in the pre-hospital phase and e- health projects.

We provide expert clinical trial services for smooth and successful trials that improve outcome in heart patients.

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  • 28 Countries globally
  • 184 Participating hospitals
  • 26 Years of experience
  • 252 Trials

Our services and products

Clinical trial services

Our CRO manages your cardiovascular trial from A to Z:

  • from formulating your research question and writing your protocol;
  • to monitoring your patients and managing their data safely;
  • till translating statistics into clear results ready to be presented to the scientific community at international conferences and published in leading medical publications.

Imaging Corelab

One of the pillars of Diagram concerns the Imaging Corelab, where several techniques (e.g. CAG, IVUS, OCT, NIRS, ECG, Holter, CT, CFR, FFR, iFR and RFR analysis) are used to analyse medical image information.


In order to support scientific research, Diagram has developed the following, commercially available products: eDREAM, web-based Clinical Study Randomisation, CRMS and RMM.

World-class cardiology research

We’re an internationally oriented contract research organisation. Clinical trials and studies are often done across borders and we’ve worked with 184 hospitals in 28 different countries.

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