Contract Research Organisation

Diagram is a globally operating independent full service Contract Research Organisation (CRO) able to support with the development,organisation and execution of clinical scientific research. Diagram has acquired considerable expertise in supporting cardiovascular research including trials performed in the pre-hospital phase and e-health projects.

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  • 23 Countries globally
  • 150 Participating hospitals
  • 22 Years of experience
  • 227 Trials

Our services and products

Trial services

Diagram can facilitate the development, organisation and execution of clinical scientific research. Our dedicated project management, data management and statistics team is ready to support your project!

Imaging Corelab

One of the pillars of Diagram concerns the Imaging Corelab, where several techniques (e.g. CAG, IVUS, OCT, NIRS, ECG, Holter, CT, CFR, FFR, iFR and RFR analysis) are used to analyse medical image information.


In order to support scientific research, Diagram has developed the following, commercially available products: eDREAM, web-based Clinical Study Randomisation, CRMS and RMM.

Worldwide professional research

With Diagram’s international focus we are able to support your project globally.

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