Join us for an engaging discussion on the significance of conducting research in Ambulance care and the unique challenges we face along the way.

Interviewer: Ivo van Asperen
Interviewees: Risco van Vliet and Doesjka Breukel

Risco van Vliet brings his expertise as a Nurse Practitioner Acute Care at EMS Brabant Midden West Noord (MWN) and as Project manager for Diagram Research, a research organisation specialising in cardiovascular research.

Doesjka Breukel, a valued member of RAV Hollands Midden, shares her experience conducting research on informed consent within ambulance care as part of her graduation for Bachelor medical care provider (BMH). With 17 years of experience as an ambulance driver and trainer at the Academy for Ambulance Care, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Listen to the entire podcast here 🎧

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