ECTOPIA stands for: Elimination of ventricular premature beats with CaTheter ablation versus OPtImal Anti-arrhythmic drug treatment


The ECTOPIA trial aims to compare the efficacy of AAD (flecainide/verapamil and sotalol) and catheter ablation in reducing VPB burden after 3 months in patients with frequent symptomatic idiopathic VPB/VT.

The primary endpoint is defined as successful therapy, defined as >80 % reduction of VPB/VT burden and expressed in % of 24-hours ambulatory Holter monitoring period, after 3 months.

The ECTOPIA trial is a national, multicenter, prospective, randomized clinical trial designed to enroll 180 patients in up to 6 centers in The Netherlands.

The first patient was included in the Isala hospital in the Netherlands on February 12, 2019.

Clinical investigator

The principal investigator is Arif Elvan MD, PhD (cardiologist-electrophysiologist Isala, Zwolle, The Netherlands).

Clinical trial information