We’re pleased to announce the joining of Marta Lantero Rodriguez to our team at Diagram Research.

As Project Manager, Marta is responsible for the coordination of our single centre and multi-centre trials. She’ll support you by creating project plans that incorporates your wishes, complies with the relevant legislation and regulations and stays within budget and timeline.

Marta is pharmacist with a PhD in Medical Science and brings international research experience from Spain and Sweden.

We’re excited to welcome Marta to our organisation.

“Hello! I’m Marta Lantero Rodriguez, a pharmacist with a PhD in Medical Science. I have collaborated with several research groups in Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands. During my PhD, I investigated the role of androgens (e.g. testosterone) in atherosclerosis and abdominal aortic aneurysms. 

I have a passion for medical research and I’m very pleased to contribute to cardiovascular trials for Diagram Research. I’m confident that my research experience and my background in cardiovascular disease will be a strong asset to the team.”

Marta Lantero
Marta Lantero Rodriguez