Diagram is, just like last year, present at the Health Valley Event 2017. The theme is called patient-driven innovation. Indispensable for anyone in business, health, science and government engaged in innovation in the health sector. Those who want to work with clients and patient innovations to better connect to the real needs and moreover want to reach the market faster. Innovation in Life Sciences & Health begins and ends after all with the client or patient. On that one, unique individual and on patient populations.

Led by the refreshing chairmen duo MiER, leading speakers such as Jan Kimpen and Dianda Veldman consider the most important motivation in their work, the patient. Also this year the Health Valley Event presents a multifaceted program with several parallel sessions on various themes, an investor lounge, workshops and plenty of opportunity for networking. The day ends in the presence of Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau.

The Health Valley event will take place on Thursday, March 9th upcoming, Nijmegen. More information can be found at: