The Dutch Cangrelor Registry, published in the European Heart Journal open access, is the first study to date reporting real world clinical outcomes of cangrelor in a wide range of patients. At 48 hours and at 30 days after PCI, a low rate of ischemic events with a reasonable rate of bleeding were seen in patients with stable coronary artery disease as well as in acute coronary syndrome patients with high thrombotic risk. It confirms the safety and feasibility of cangrelor in a broad range of patients.

Use of cangrelor in P2Y12 naïve patients and patients with suboptimal P2Y12 inhibition undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: a valuable expansion of antithrombotic therapeutic armamentarium during PCI.

Rik Hermanides MD, PhD | Principal investigator

The study funder is Ferrer. Diagram is the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) of the trial.

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Authors and co-authors:

Abi Selvarajah, Annerieke Tavenier, Wilbert Bor, Vital Houben, Saman Rasoul, Eliza Kaplan, Koen Teeuwen, Sjoerd Hofma, Erik Lipsic, Giovanni Amoroso, Maarten van Leeuwen, Jur ten Berg, Arnoud van ’t Hof, Rik Hermanides

Thanks to Irma Nijs, Joan Sala Fortuno, Carla Varona Benavente, Emilio Gil Luna