Inhealth-ict is the specialist for IT care in the broadest sense of the word.
They offer knowledge, experience and capacity for the development of digital infrastructure, software development, implementation of equipment and connection with systems.

The added value of inhealth-ict is their knowledge and relationship network within the healthcare sector and the deployment of their services in this special sector.

Health Innovation Park

The Health Innovation Park accelerates innovations and enriches the network of Diagram and other members and partners. Diagram participates in the 'Connected care' Health Grow Program of the Health Innovation Park : relocation of (hospital) care to home and encouraging the use of eHealth.
Within this program, health care institutions, companies, knowledge institutions, patients, health insurers and other health care providers work together to investigate how we can jointly give an impulse to eHealth and Connected Care. What is needed for this and how do we achieve as much as possible? The aim is to eventually develop more Connected Care initiatives in the region and to ensure that patients can experience the benefits and reduce the workload for professionals.


The ACRON is the trade association of CRO’s in the Netherlands. ACRON represents the collective interests of the affiliated companies. We do this through the organization of meetings, both closed and open, network and lobbying activities with the main aim of ensuring that the Netherlands functions optimally as a research country. In addition, we work with our partners to optimize the Netherlands as a research country and, by bringing our expertise to various external working groups, we ensure the visibility of the CRO’s as an important partner in clinical research.