EU-CaRE has started!

On Monday, August 24, the European heart rehabilitation study “EU-CaRE” started at the Living and Exercise Center of Isala (Zwolle).

PhD thesis Sonja Postma

On Friday, April 24, Sonja Postma (working as a project coordinator at Diagram) will be awarded a PhD by Radboud University Nijmegen for her dissertation entitled "Pre-hospital triage and risk assessment in STEMI patients".

CEC review

Diagram can arrange CEC reviews. A review from a clinical event committee (CEC) is of utmost importance to guarantee high quality of data in a clinical trial.

ATC classification

Do you want to divide drugs into different groups for research purposes according to an internationally recognized system to, for example, be able to make comparisons between drug use? Diagram can help you with this. Diagram is able to code drugs using the ATC/DDD system. ATC/DDD stands for Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification with defined daily doses. The system is an aid to improve the quality of research involving drug use and belongs to the family of international classifications of the World Health Organization (WHO).